It was a great event for students who are interested in studying at Swiss universities to explore study options. We would be happy to participate the second session of Swiss Education Fair China.


Jing Yuan

Project Leader Academic Relations

swissnex China





It is a well-organized event with much attention to details. Good and appropriate location at Swissôtel. Interesting visitors, ranging from individual students to groups and representatives from Chinese Universities. We will very likely to participate the 2nd session of Swiss Education Fair for Year 2019. It is important to have (again) volunteer students to help in the translation, especially when entire groups are coming to the booth.


Prof Uwe W Schulz, PhD

Head of International Relations

Head of the Bachelor's Program in Energy Systems Engineering

Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts


Compared to other fairs that we attended, it was almost perfect! We have very good impression of the first Swiss Education Fair China with nice location, nice set up, good atmosphere with all the Swiss goodies (food etc), high quality of the brochure, and very positive return on the interpreters. We will definitely join the 2nd session of Swiss Education Fair for Year 2019.


Virginie Flak
Executive Assistant – International Masters

CREA | Ecole du Groupe INSEEC


Thank you for organizing this event – the SEF 2018 was strategically located and well organized. We will definitely be proud to represent the Swiss Education next year. It would also be much appreciated for an opportunity to deliver a speech together with our alumni/current student - not only about EHL, but also to share about the range of career opportunities the hospitality industry offers!


Shinn TEO (Ms.)
Admissions Officer, Asia-Pacific

Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne


The first Swiss Education Fair in China was a great success for us, as it was well organized, we had a good amount of interested students and parents and additionally it was a great networking opportunity speaking to representatives from other Swiss Companies. We appreciate the organizer not only invite students and parents but also schools. And when we get busy, the volunteers are helpful as well. We would definitely attend again the 2nd session of Swiss Education Fair for Year 2019.


Alexander Lalk, Asst. Brand Director

Mona Chen, China Office Marketing Manager

HTMi, Hotel and Tourism Management institute


My General impression of the first Swiss Education Fair China was good and well organized. Good sizeable turn up rate at the fair, lots of promotions to create awareness. We have satisfactory quality leads and potential students. I think the initiative is good to have some alumni to talk about their pathways, and I hope it can carry on in next event. Timing for the fair is also nice. Yes, we may consider to continue the 2nd session of Swiss Education Fair for Year 2019.   

Jane Lam

Director of Marketing and Business Development

Les Roches


The first Swiss Education Fair China is well organized with well targeted students and some of them already showed interest.


Chuck Yang

Area Manager

Swiss Education Group


It was a great event to meet prospective students and to network with many industry colleagues and schools during the event. Thank you SEF!


Amin Ahmmed Khandaker

Chief Academic Officer (CAO)

Swiss Institute for Management and Hospitality