swissnex China


swissnex China is the Science Consulate of Switzerland for China, which builds bridges by connecting Switzerland and China in education, research and innovation. By crossing conventional boundaries, we offer a platform to foster collaboration and creativity for inspiring research and ground-breaking innovation. Same as the other swissnex locations, the activities of swissnex China are based on a collaborative approach, relying on public and private partnerships and funding.


One main pillar is higher education, where we foster close collaboration between Swiss and Chinese universities as well as promote the excellence of Swiss higher education. Switzerland has internationally recognized, top ranked universities hosting a total of 26 Nobel Laureates. The country is persistently ranked as a global innovation leader. The safe and healthy landscape is also home to a high number of foreign students, especially from China. swissnex China keeps close contact with Swiss public universities and is the hub in China to learn about Swiss higher education landscape.




Far East International Plaza,

319 Xianxia Road,

22F Building A

Shanghai 200051, P.R. China

+86 21 6235 1889


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