SWISS IM&H and SHML are two hotel management schools operate under the umbrella of Truly Swiss AG. Swiss Institute for Management & Hospitality (SWISS IM&H) and Swiss College of Hospitality Management Lenk, SHML lives by and strives to fulfill its motto of leading in hospitality and tourism. We are proud to announce our establishment as being one of the leaders amongst the major academic institutions in hospitality and tourism in Switzerland. This in itself proves that the SWISS IM&H and SHML are committed to achieving global excellence in hospitality and tourism education. Students from all over the world has the opportunities to enroll in our organizations, which helps them to achieve hospitality or tourism industry managerial experience. We take full responsibility in preparing them for their upcoming challenges in the industry. With the support of our active Advisory Committee consisting of industry leaders who provides advice on curriculum and development matters, we are committed to build future hospitality leaders. This helps to ensure that our curriculum mirrors the realities and fulfills the needs of the industry, both today and in the future. As SWISS IM&H and SHML moves further up in the global hospitality industry, it continues to develop strong synergies among the industry, students and academic staffs. We believe strongly that ‘we are not better, but different.’ It is our pleasure to welcome prospective hospitality industry students to join our institutions to fulfill their goals and to find them in a leading and significant positions.

Our program is designed into 6+6 concept which allows students to study first 6 months theory and then to apply their gained knowledge in the paid internship for the other 6 months. During the internship period, minimum gross salary is 2’172 CHF. Our internship department guarantees to find the internship for our students and upon graduation student get full support for placements.

IM&H和SHML是Truly Swiss AG旗下的两家酒店管理学校。瑞士酒店与管理学院(SWISS IM&H)及瑞士Lenk酒店管理学院致力于成为服务与旅游行业的领导者。我们对于成为瑞士酒店及旅游业主要的学术机构之一感到十分荣幸。这证明了两个学校其酒店和旅游业教育方面在全球领域内取得的卓越成绩。来自世界各地的学生都有机会进入我们学校,,以帮助他们学习酒店及旅游业的管理经验。我们将全程负责他们在这个行业中即将面临的挑战。在由业界领袖组成的咨询委员会的支持下,我们致力于培育未来的酒店业领袖。这有助于我们的课程反应现实情况,满足当今和未来的行业需求。随着瑞士IM&H和SHML在酒店行业的进一步发展,它将继续在行业、学生和学术人员之间形成强大的协同效应,我们坚定相信“我们不是更好的,但我们一定是不同的”。我们高兴地欢迎未来的酒店业学生加入我们的机构以实现他们的目标,并帮助他们寻求到领导及重要职位。


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