Switzerland Global Enterprise

Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE), on behalf of the Swiss Confederation (State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO) and the Swiss cantons, promotes exports and investments by helping its clients to realize new potential for their international businesses and thus to strengthen Switzerland as an economic hub.



瑞士贸易与投资署(Switzerland Global Enterprise, 简称S-GE)受瑞士联邦(瑞士经济总局,简称SECO)和瑞士各州的委托,帮助客户拓展国际全球化业务,促进瑞士出口和在瑞士的投资,加强瑞士作为经济中心的全球地位。

Swiss Business Hub China

Swiss Business Hub China (SBH-China) represents the official international trade and investment promotion agency Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE). Part of the Embassy of Switzerland in Beijing and with subsidiaries in Shanghai and Guangzhou, where they are integrated into the respective Swiss Consulates General, the Swiss Business Hub China provides localized support, market information, consulting and networking services to both new and experienced Swiss and Liechtenstein companies venturing into the Chinese market. In addition, the Swiss Business Hub actively promotes Switzerland as a highly attractive business and investment location for companies from China looking for growth in Switzerland and in Europe.


瑞士贸易与投资处(Swiss Business Hub,简称SBH) 是瑞士官方国际贸易和投资促进机构- 瑞士贸易与投资署(Switzerland Global Enterprise, 简称S-GE)在中国的代表机构。贸易与投资处是瑞士驻华大使馆的一个下属部门,并在瑞士驻上海和广州领馆设有分部。贸易与投资处为计划进入中国市场和已在中国市场开展业务的瑞士和列支敦士登公司提供本地化支持、市场资讯、商务咨询和牵线搭桥服务。此外,贸易与投资处为寻求在瑞士和欧洲发展的中国公司提供服务,积极推介瑞士成为极具吸引力的商业和投资地。

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