The only bachelor degree program combining hospitality and luxury brand management International;


The only Swiss hospitality management school with a campus in London.


Student life: Over 95 nationalities on campus


Accreditation: Accredited by NEASC at university level


Awarded: Glion was awarded the world’s Best Hotel Management School (2019) Best Education Innovation in a Program (2019) at the Worldwide Hospitality Awards

We turn ambition into real-life opportunities, 89% of students graduate with a job or job offers.

Leaders are made, not born. 1 in 2 Glion graduates go on to management trainee programs with a view to a leadership role.Nothing prepares you for an international career like Glion.

Glion and its branch campus in London are NEASC accredited at the highest level; the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education, which enables us to offer students fully accredited degrees

Les Roches is a co-educational school offering higher education programs that is accredited by the Commission on Institutes of Higher Education (CIHE) of the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE). Les Roches provides instruction in English to students of any race, nationality, sex, color, religion or creed who have successfully completed a full secondary school program.

We expose our students to a broad range of courses covering the inter-related areas of the hospitality industry, by means of theoretical and practical work within the School and by regular periods of internship in recognized hotels, restaurants or related institutions. Students’ intellectual abilities are further developed through the general education component of the undergraduate programs.

Our objective is to train and educate students to a level of all round competence, in the varied operations of the hospitality industry. Graduates of Les Roches, having developed competence in a range of technical, organizational and administrative skills, will be able to progress through the ranks of the management hierarchy.

We develop students’ abilities to initiate and manage change by confronting them with contemporary issues and challenges that the industry faces today. The international environment at the School promotes awareness and understanding of national and cultural differences and encourages students to work together in a team to improve inter-personal skills. Graduates of Les Roches may therefore embark upon their careers with confidence, armed with knowledge, basic experience and inter-personal skills which allow them to successfully face career challenges.

格里昂酒店管理学院(Glion Institute of Higher Education)始建于1962年,是世界三大酒店管理名校之一。1996年受邀担任中国酒店与旅游业的发展顾问。




学院在全球酒店行业享有盛誉。多年以来其毕业生在世界各地的酒店里身居要职,如Mr. Marcello Pigozzo,洲际酒店集团的前任亚太主席;Mr. Jaume Tapies,罗莱夏朵酒店集团的董事长;Mr. Marc Steinmeyer,雅高集团东南亚主席等。在格里昂的毕业生花名册上已写满了一百多个总经理、总裁及酒店创办人的名字。



•   世界久负盛名的三所酒店管理学院之一
•   2018年QS酒店管理专业排名全球第五

•   超过90个国家的国际学生,国际化的学习环境

•   与高端酒店密切合作,为每一位学生提供带薪实习的机会

•   众多毕业生在世界各地的酒店里身居要职,组成了互相帮助的强大校友网络

•   经新英格兰院校协会高等教育(NEASC-CIHE)认证的大学,学院的学分可以与世界各大学间互转



•   万豪国际酒店集团
•   丽思卡尔顿酒店集团
•   喜达屋国际酒店集团
•   凯宾斯基酒店集团
•   雅高酒店集团
•   凯悦酒店集团
•   最佳西方酒店集团
•   皇冠假日酒店集团


理诺士国际酒店管理学院(Les Roches International School of Hotel Management)始建于1954年,以培养了重点酒店行业领导者而著称。

  理诺士共有瑞士布鲁士(Bluche)、西班牙马尔贝拉(Marbella)和中国上海等五个校区。理诺士受到瑞士瓦莱州政府认证,有独立授予欧美等国承认学位的资格。同时,学院也得到美国权威大学评估机构——新英格兰院校协会(New England Associationof Schools & Colleges,简称NEASC)的全面学分认证,理诺士的学分可以在美国各大学间互转。


    •   受瑞士州政府,新英格兰学院协会高等教育认证,学分可在欧美各大学间互转

    •   2018年QS酒店管理专业排名全球第六

    •   校友网络强大,以培养酒店行业的领导者而著称 



    •   新英格兰院校协会(New England Association of Schools & Colleges)

    •   瑞士瓦莱州教育部(Education Department of the Canton of Valais )

    •   世界旅游组织(World Tourism Organization)

    •   特许公认会计师公会(Association of Chartered Certified Accountants)

    •   特许市场营销协会(Chartered Institute of Marketing)